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Thinky Benefits:

24/7 Availability

Thinky 365 virtual agent is available 24/7, ensuring there is always timely help available. Thinky 365 virtual agent is able to conveniently and rapidly manage basic support tasks like password resets, application management, answering FAQs, etc. This enabled IT Responsive to better utilize their technicians for more complex work.

Deploy on Azure Bot Framework

Deploy Thinky 365 virtual agent based on Microsoft’s Azure bot framework on your website or Microsoft Teams Channel, and use the power of Microsoft Azure AI to help your customers better than ever before while driving up employee productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Engage with your customers in a new innovative way and improve the overall customer experience. Your customers don’t have to wait in a long queue and wait for several minutes for an agent anymore. Thinky 365 virtual agent is there to address customer queries round the clock.

Increased Team Productivity

Boost morale, drive up productivity, better utilize your time by letting Thinky 365 virtual agent respond to basic questions while your team does more meaningful and valuable work.

Bring a Personality to Your Business

With Thinky 365 virtual agent for AutoTask, you will be able to engage with your customers in a way that improves their overall experience while bringing a personality to your business.

Trainable Intelligence

Upload hundreds of questions and “train” Thinky 365 virtual agent continuously to make it more intelligent, enabling automation that can lead to cost savings for your organization. Save time and resources by using Thinky 365 as virtual IT support agent.

Quick And Cost-Effective Implementation

Obtain a quick and low-cost Chatbot framework to ease up call or email volume in your company. By automating various routine tasks and being available round the clock to answer customer queries, Thinky 365 virtual agent reduces the need for more support people.

First Line of Helpdesk

Thinky 365 virtual agent helps users with their basic technical questions, complex queries and training video support. These questions can easily get bogged down in details and frequently consume a significant amount of time. This enabled IT Responsive to automate common and time-consuming support responses.

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